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Pretending Not to Care

It's so much easier not to care
to give up
let it tear
to see a picture ahead of where
your life may lead.

And if you don't let it in
you'll be fine
you win
but alone in where
you stay sunk in
fighting with yourself

you're too young to give up now
but you're to dumb to know how
to break the news to yourself
you deserve the best

what you get is second rate
and someon'e offered you the open gate
but bells and whistles call you
and you walk, you run away

It seems better on the outside
even though you're dying to fit in
the one you wanted doesn't want you back
and past comes back again
and when you aren't ready
you let fantasies waltz in
to break you into pieces girl
too soon to fall again.

when is it your turn
to smile
when it it your turn
to not be a child
will they help you grow
and bring back old Joe
that held you back then

or will a new promise bring
and love
and a peace
in your heart
that cannot be compared
to any other

or is this just make believe

It's easier n…

Letter to you

This is a letter to you
I wish I knew
what to do
But in trying to find me and you
im alone again
in all of our silly fights
you keep me seeing delights
in dreams and fantasies
the man of my dreams

so how come I let you go
where does the love show
when who I am and what i know
tells me to run away

from hear and there
to far and near
you're never close enough
to find out if we will win
the test of this trust

sending you wishes from
where I am
over leagues and stars away
keep my wanting and seeking more
but trying to keep the feelings at bay

why do you love me so good
why do you accept what no one would
why do you care
why do you stare at me
like I am good enough
for your love.

I thought they made me damaged
but I damaged myself
now what good can
come of what wouldve
been great before I was a shell

I broke you down
I made you frown
all twisted and interwined
I said goodbye
I made you cry
and no one here has won

But even after all these years
nothing can keep us apart
then whats wrong with me
why cant I believe
and follow whats…

Matt Hires :: Lex Land

Last night I had the opportunity to attend a show at the wonderful Hotel Cafe off of Caheunga and between Selma and Hollywood blvd. It was a galant evening as I waited in traffic on Sunset on my way to the Cafe. My friend Eric has been traveling with Matt Hires as his manager and I've been very excited to see him perform again and this time with a a bassist and drummer. Chatting with friends who I knew would be there, made the evening that much more special and Matt up on the stage singing, whistlin and jammin away. It was wonderful too this time because I have his album and I knew all the songs. It felt good to see him up there, makes me want to really try to do the same thing. It is what I have always wanted to do. Now on itunes, check him out. You may have heard his songs on Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice and he is actively on tour.

Matt on Facebook
When I least expected it I was taken aback by the …

Time Travel

I saw the Time Traveler's Wife the other day and it was wonderful. I mean you can never go wrong with Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams now can you? Not really. Well these two molded very well together on screen. It makes you wonder could time travel be possible? Is it something to ADMIRE OR FEAR. Innocence saves us from many things and I believe that in trying to control our lives and to constantly find knowledge and truth, knowing everything would detriment our society. Then it comes into a matter of fate and destiny. Do we really make the choices for ourselves or is there a predestination that is an over arching plan for each of us?

Who knows...

But this movie makes you questiont that just a little bit. The love story is romantic but it's also very frustrating. What if you couldn't control when you travel through time. You see snipits of your life, past and present and have to constantly piece things together and expect whats going to come but live in the present. …