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Living a life i have not

Maybe it's Glenn Beck's Common Sense and extremist conservative views that have been getting to me lately or the fact that the goverment is running the econonmy down the shitter. Not really sure what's going on these days other than I do the same thing five days a week and I never feel richer (more rich) or better about the money I make because I spend more than I make.

Yes I know this is my fault but it is also the fault of everyone else. I have become one of the many people who is trying to live beyond my means because that's the life I really want. One where I can go out to dinner without breaking into my savings (which doesnt exist), pay my rent with finesse, go shopping without worrying which credit card I'm maxing out. Problem is, I act like I can do these things. We've all been told that there's nothing wrong with a little debt and as I convince myself looking cute and having what want is work the weight in gold or in this case plastic. I convince mys…


"The film was shot in 2007 when creators Kevin Stewart and Jordan Downey were still in college, and it took another two years to finish. ThanksKilling promises nothing but a cheesy good time. It’s the perfect cult film to watch with drinks around Halloween or especially during Thanksgiving! Laugh at it because it’s funny…laugh at it because it’s bad…it’s meant to be taken with a grain of salt. There’s a lot to be learned in setting out to shoot and somehow find distribution for an independent feature film. If nothing else, ThanksKilling is an example of how much time and energy that process takes, no matter what the subject matter is."

So if you like funny, awesome, gory horror movies, then this is the flick for you!! With a NOVEMBER 2009 release date on and in Best Buy stores, you'll be sure to get your fill then!!!

Happy Thanksgiving...If the turkey doesn't kill you first!! Check out the website for more in…