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Showing posts from April 12, 2009

you-me= still me

I thought and you thought
we had a Cinderella story
from the first time you kissed me
I heard the angels singing
and now its hurting to see your back
your leaving
My heart was full
but now its broken and bleeding

O' Where did we go wrong
What could I have said and done
to make you stay
and love me the way
you did.
you did love me.
you did

It's hurts to let go and it hurts to hold on
where are you now? What's goin' on?
I still love you,
but you're gone.

Was I the one making up dreams
planning the future, sewing the seams
what was breaking I wanted to mend
or I would lose my very best friend

I pushed and I pulled to make the pieces fit
circles into squares bit after bit
losing myself to help save all of it
I'm gone. you're gone. it's done.

Still I wish somehow
it was different
you loved me now
but even if I'm not your One
I still know it
what's done is done
but our bond will be forever there
underneath and everywhere.
and in my heart, there is a space
for the lo…