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The Importance of Family

Hello peoples!!

I just wanted to touch on the idea of how important family is and should be.

Not everyone is blessed at growing up in a two-parent household, or knowing their parents or having siblings.  But one thing that keeps us all together, grounded is family.  Despite the feuds and fights and quarrels, you should never ocstracize yourself or your loved ones from participating as a family.  It should not be taken for granted.  And even though people disagree and don't fit in, they are there for you.  Parent's aren't perfect, you are not perfect.  So why in all of our expectations of each other to we tend to take sides and begin to fall apart?  Furnish relationships with forgiveness and love and remember, no one can care more about themselves than them.  You can only give so much and be so much for your loved ones.  But the point is to show up, to offer, to be there when no one else will.  Family is family.  And you usualy only get one.

There are quite the many lone wolves out there who disagree with family politics or traditions so they run away and create their own.  I cannot really judge anyone for what they feel they need.  But BLOOD is BLOOD and it's a strong bond I love to nourish!!  Althought my family has seen and survived such a curt separation I have survived and loved both sides and then some.  I just wanted to accentuate this before the holidays to let your judgements go out the window, your the door and love unconditionally who you have to call your own, your family. 

When someone falls, help them up.  What good are you if you are watching someone fall to pieces.  This is what we are here for.  "Brothers and sisters, love one another and I have loved you" (Somewhere in the bible).  Please, everyone..whatever your holding onto, let it go. Let love.  And be the you that you haven't become yet! 

Family is what keeps my soul enriched, my heart warmed and my love endured! Thank you to my family, who is always my number one fan and my strength!

Love always, Alexandria
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