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Drinking on a weeknight...(Good) Bad for business

So I am figuring out that this may or may not be a good idea,
drinking on a work/week night that is.

I have the honor of having great friends, well for the most part. And well, we enjoy a good beer or two. That's a fact!! Or maybe even some fine wine. Point is that we are in our twenties and trying to soak up this little bit of freedom before our future starts. Committed relationships, 9-5 jobs, mortgage payments, marriage, kids, blah blah blah. All the boring stuff we call adulthood ensues after this period of "the early twenties" for most people. And we wonder why women feel like they have a strict timeline to figure it out before...dun dun dun, IT'S TOO LATE.
and they become another label of old hag/maid/slut instead of a trophy wife. Such an obsession with labels and gender roles. We all want to fit in, we all want to belong. Some are the rebels but many of us wish we could be and instead, try hard to fit the mold for the greater approval of our parents, benefactors, teachers and friends.

I am a traditionalist with rebellious undertones because I for a long time have been skeptical about marriage and relationships in general. I have been surrounded by divorce and failed relationships that it starts to seem like it's either ME, or the fact i make poor desicions on who to love...regardless it shows that I'm not in a hurry to tie the knot, or reach a certain point. I'm kinda taking it day by day which I think is a good thing. Though I couldn't NOT say that if the right guy swept me off my feet I'd be running down the aisle with girlish prophecies to find my own personal happy ending but I'm just gonna stop gonna burst my own bubble there because I'm full of shit. But whatever, it seems nice and pretty. But seriously everyone is getting married right not or getting engaged, we're only 22-23-24, what do we even know about love or commitment? answer me this...

Now back to drinking. I have the notion that though it is fun and awesome and ever so tasty, I should probably chill the fuck out, for my bank account's sake and maybe even for my liver. I'm not what you would call a "party" girl but I like to go out when it's with my peeps and when I'm not too tired. So I'll go out during the week if it seems plausible and if my DVR is recording my shows, wouldn't want to m iss them. Sometimes I barely spend 10 bucks and other times im swiping my credit card like its an olympic sport with the idea that I deserve to have fun now, live it up, I'm young...But honestly if one says that everytime they go out, it's more like just an excuse and a way to drain my savings...not every girl expects to get drinks for free, i buy my own thank you without any expectation...

So based on this very fulfilled morning of cuddles, crying and being pulled over by the cops, I have decided not to be such a hot mess, because clearly, hot mess looks less pleasing and I'd rather be fierce any way. Luckily I got a fix it ticket for running that stop sign as long as I don't do it again and fix my tail light. But I did lose my makeup bag in last nights mayhem/birthday outting for the ex/bf/bff/boy/lover person. So here I am in tears, with a fix it ticket, no makeup, anxiety, hunger, dirty hair and a tid bit hungover and late for work....reallll cool. I mean that's alot to happen before 9:30am, seriously.

Live and you learn I guess. So moral of the story is, if ur gonna be a hot mess, be prepared to clean it up. If you're gonna be a drunk ass, be prepared to spend money and feel shitty. If you're gonna drink on a week night, be prepared to have a shitty work day the next day, so get your act together and drink less and take care of yourself more, because your body is temple, respect it.!!

I should probably take my own advice...

-xoxo Alex
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