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(500) Days of Summer vs. He's Just Not that Into You

Well isn't this fun...Love, love love, love (as said by Ben Stiller in The Heartbreak Kid) is quite interesting now isn't it. Not just by the fact that I may or may not be bitter over my recent breakup with my first love, but more so tickled with delight from these two movies about that very subject, love...or whatever you think it is.

(500) Days of Summer breathed a little life into me and maybe yes some cynicism too. Here's a story of boy meets girl. Boy thinks it's destiny...fate, falls in love. Girl doesn't. It quite the classic tale all juxtaposed to the backdrop of current day Los Angeles as an anti-love story. You have stuck-in-a-rut Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who's architectural dreams land him at a Greeting Card writing company where he runs into destiny, well actually, Summer(Zooey Deschanel), his boss's new assistant. From the minute Tom see's her he's ruined, convinced that she no doubt is The One and he hadn't even spoken with her yet. Sooner or later in the witty well written script you see this awkward love/obsessive/one sided friendship grow between these two. Summer is the impossible. Broken up going back and forth into these 500 days of Summer you see the great times and the flaws in this anti-relationship. It truly rips your heart out. Everyone has been the sucker and everyone has been the one who just isn't into it like you are. A huge dose of reality sent against some fun cinema, all including a sudden dance number, french film noir, split screen dream and reality and a great soundtrack splashed with some Regina Spektor.

It fun to watch, funny and you really don't know what going to happen next. A tame ending, leaving you not necessarily pumped for love per say, more open to the idea everything is coincidence and you truly can't make someone love you back. People really do tell you exactly who they are in the beginning but love or the possibilty of it with them blinds you from their flaws. They love you ...or they don't.

He's Just Not That Into You was a book I received from mother in college to aid in me to make correct decisions about men, boys really. Do they ever grow up? No. But we love them anyway, clean up after them, make excuses for them not calling. We swear that if they don't call they lost our number or forgot, or when love life dwindles it's just a phase, but really he's fucking your sister and he didn't call because he's just not that into you. Plain and simple. If a guy wants to call, he'll call. The film is nothing special. Based in Maryland you've got a cast full of stars (Aniston, Affleck, Connelly, Connelly, Goodwin, Johanssen, Long, Barrymore, Cooper).

You've got young couple who rush into marriage, you've got the cheating husband who has a happy marriage but feels stuck, you've got the 7 year unmarried happy couple, you've got the desperate single gal, and a many other people in this flick that resemble us in one point of our lives. Not spectaculary filmed with any editorial nature but purely a realistic look on how men actually do tell women they aren't interested. Women get hurt anyway even knowing all the facts because we twist it all in our brains and convince ourselves they're into us. So don't wait by the phone for a cal after a good date, or wait around for a proposal, stop making excuses for men because you should never have to defend a relationship. Pick up the book, watch the movie, but whatever you do learn your lesson.

Be realistic. Love is possible, just don't live like you are always the exception to the rule, if he doesn't call, make love to you, propose, sacrifice for you...

he's just not that into you.

But the one that is right, will make you the exception, because you just won't be the girl in the bar, you'll be The One.

Both films great. Both suggest love isn't always all that romantic. It's just what it is. And it hurts a little to know that as romantic myself, that you can love someone with every fiber of your being, and they still may not love you back. And you never really know about how anyone really feels. ever.

Fuck that.

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