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Showing posts from September 28, 2008


my nose is clogged
my vision is fogged
my brain has packed and moved out

what am i to do
i feel like poo
and my emptiness brings doubt.

stocks are crashing
life is flashing
right before my eyes

bring some tonic
relieve the ironic
and tell me nothing dies

but its absurd
to say the word
all is ok

but you are numb
forever dumb
to the truth anyway

we all believe in something
some things, some gods
for now I'll take the badness
and live with madness that is love

reality bites our eyes out
we all love to be blind
to fuck to kill
to pay the bills
we all get ours in time.

this is not depressions words
more like cynicism and wit
for more alone that i have known
is myself and my gifts

where are you now
o good one
when we all feel relapse
vote for the good ones
if there's good ones
don't settle
don't settle
don't settle
unless you're restless
stand up yourself and make a fucking change
and stop crying about the problems
that keep us so derranged