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Showing posts from June 15, 2008

bits and pieces

I opened up my eyes
to unfortunately know it's true
my dream was only a dream
the dream was of you.

And in it you were here
lying by my side
but as I awoke
it was not were you would reside

It saddens me to know
you are not near but far
searching through your soul
finding who you are.

While I may already know
where why and when
to me the earth speaks
tomorrow today and then.

Underneath the fear
of losing you to them
I can only hope to be
a lasting and true friend.

Flowers are blooming
and in my heart is love
why were you here once
and suddenly now
a memory of

how I once knew myself
and you
finally not just one
a pair
finally two.

And as our distance brings me to pieces
I am whole in a new way.
to love myself and you again
for forever and a day.