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The Water

The WaterFor some, water is cleansing and pure. For others it’s a murky mess and something vast and turbulent, much like the oceans of the Pacific. My whole life I have never been a good swimmer. In fact I never really learned to swim and kind of got by. Until this summer I had never dove into the deep end in a pool. I felt powerful knowing the water didn’t get me and I was alright. Being thrown from the high-dive when I was five by my swim teacher, sent me into a water-fearing frenzy for the rest of my childhood days. Now at twenty I like to think I’ve left some of my childish quirks behind.As that child, I was baptized on October 26, 1986; it was my first cleansing since leaving the womb and blessed by the water that saved my soul.I find that pools of water like lakes, river, and pools don’t frighten me at all. It’s the oceans that keep me scared because they are so powerful and large. You cannot predict what it will do and it takes lives all the time. My mom almost drowned in the o…