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White :: Yellow

white and yellow
white and yellow
summer and a day
searching lights are finding me
and i wish them away.

I remember days when I was young
little things where important, i was dumb.
I saw into things that have no might
a look back, yes mother was right.

I see the past, a girl with dreams.
seeking someone, something
to hold her and tell her
everything is fine
while others laugh and play
and hold hands all day

the girl alone at home
dream after dream
sleep after sleep
let the thoughts overtake
and give the life she pretendt
to endure.

When I think of those days
I don't know where I was
I wasn't here
I am not there
So what am I today?
Am I the same girl?
A child with large eyes, confused
or someone more informed
someone more enthused
for the life I now own.

But what do I own
my bed?
What is mine?
My soul.
My heart.
My voice.

Do i tell?
I tell
I tell you the truth.
Nothing tastes better
than honey
from the lips who spoke

White and yellow
White and yellow
the color of friendship flowers
I can tell I have changed in…