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Showing posts from February 10, 2008

The Troubadour

So I decided that my favorite venue, that I have been to, San Diego or LA so far, is the Troubadour!!!

Last night I went with my boyfriend to the Emery -- As Cities Burn --Mayday Parade -- Pierce the Veil show and it rocked!! I loved the venue and the vibe from the whole place. During set changes we went to the VIP lounge (21 and uppers, woot!) upstairs where there are comfortable seats and chairs, a charming bartender and the ability to see downstairs at the set if you so choose to stay upstairs during the concert. There are two more bars downstairs with $7 import beers and $10 shots like jager bombs!! A little pricy but worth it because the venue is so cool.

Standing so close to the band, Emery was at my fingertips. In their set, one of their singers (screamers) literally was standing on top of the crowd and singing, the crowd was holding him up in the air on his two feet and then was safely ushers over us all back to the stage. It was amazing. Everyone was singing along. I…