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My Favorite Things

This time of year, Spring time, as it is yet approaching, is a time in which everyone is thinking of a thinner body, a darker tan and vacations. I however am battling with finishing my Theater Arts degree at Loyola Marymount University, graduation and my older sister's wedding 21 days later. But in an effort to be part of the season this blog is dedicated to my favorites in products and food!! So enjoy!!

In no particular order...
  1. Wine::Yellow Tail: Shiraz:: yes the yellow bottle!! This wine, passed down to me from my mother, has become quite a favorite of mine. Usually ranging from $4.99 to $7.99 in most stores this red is wonderful with dinner or dessert like a piece of Trader Joe's 73% cocao dark chocolate or Skinny Cow. It has a full body and nice deep taste, no too tart and not too sweet is officialy my favorite and a constant on my shelf!
  2. Restaurant:: The Warehouse:: In Marina Del Rey off of admiralty right along a great view of boats, this fine restaurant provides a wonderful atmosphere with dim lighting and fine wine. On thursdays there's music and any day there are the wonderful Chotto Tacos. You get either fish, spicy steak or chicken, one will enjoy tasty tacos for $11 and for only $4 more bucks, one can tack on the perfect drink, corona with lime. Enjoy at your own risk. My favorite it Los Angeles. The restuarant also specializes in a delectible flatiron steak and many salads.
  3. BOOK:: The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold:: This book which is being made into a movie by Steven Spielberg and starring many great actors including the young Saoirse Ronan as Susie Salmon, is my favorite book of all time. Alice Sebold write with incredible wit and insight. She creates in this book an idea of heaven and the way those who die try to communicate with the living. Susie Salmon, looking from heaven, tries to help solve her own murder, watching her sister live the life she would have had. A touching story written poetically while gripping the senses, I will forever be moved by this novel. I also recommend again by Sebold her memoir Lucky.
  4. TV Show:: LOST:: This show as never ending as it seems has been 4 seasons or so strong. This has gripped me from the beginning still has me rooting for their survival and rescuing. Each week I tune in to hopefully find out something else from the past or the future. When will they get off the island? Who loves who? Is the island a magical place? Tune in ABC at 9pm
  5. Makeup:: Clinque Superfit:: This creamy liquid foundation is perfect for dry to oily skin. There are many colors to match perfectly with anyone's skin tone. Using this product for 5 years, I've only had success and great skin!! Available at Macy's or Bloomingdale's at around $27. Lasts if used moderately and light enough to wear in the summer!!
  6. Market:: Trader Joe's:: This grocer is absolutely a staple in my life and a money saver. This market has deals and quality foods in produce, meats, soups, wine, cereal and many unique healthy foods. Every trip I bring back something new!! Going there to a friendly atmosphere, I shop and make friends and rarely ever pass the $50 mark.
Looking for more advice!! Check out the blog soon!!

xoxo, hollywood girl!
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