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Samuel French

I am in the process of starting my acting or how do you say, entertainment career!! I have wishes to be in a band, sing and write songs, or you know, be a famous actress, not for the fame necessarily but for the opportunity to actually act, which has become a passion of mine. So much of my life has been filled with drama, why not do it as a profession~! So I know there is some hint of sarcasm here, but what am I supposed to do here, gotta get through the day and have a sense of humor!!

SO! I'm taking a trip to the Samuel French store on yes, SUNSET BLVD. I feel cool just saying that. But I do live in Los Angeles and I never really have gone gallivanting around LA! I need to explore, go around and see whats out there. A navigator would help, seriously, it would help. I tend to second guess myself and then I get lost. HA!

So, I am going to Samuel French to research plays for my Career Development class. I need to find obscure plays so that the showcase will go on with fun unique material, and yes the show must go on. May 12th by the way. You're invited!! hehe

Well until next time. I'm making use of the college time I have left before work consumes me and life, that too. Tonight there are two stops me and brian (boyfriend) are going to make. marians-crimson party and the one on belford. Pretty soon everyone will move away and find jobs elsewhere, graduate and there wont be any silly house parties anymore. So cheers! to a night of fun!

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