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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cat Lover's Tee - Designed by Alexinhwood - Pre-Order Campaign

I have partnered with Represent and the Stray Cat Alliance 
to raise some funds to donate to help create a No Kill Nation!

I have been wanting to volunteer and donate to help out kitties for a very long time but wasn't sure how to go about it.  In this way, I turn to my community to get together and make a bigger contribution by working together!

I love my kitties at home as they were also Los Angeles rescues.  I thought that if all the cat lovers out there got together and pre-ordered this cute Tee, we could all do something special and use 25% of the funds to donate to the Stray Cat Alliance.

Represent, where my campaign lives has excellent service, creates quality apparel and is working with me to create the best campaign yet!  

Whether you are a cat lover or not, I bet you know someone that would love this cozy tee, but will also appreciate that we are giving back and helping to provide food, shelter and much more to the stray cats of this nation, not just Los Angeles.  

Let's do this TOGETHER!

1. Go to the campaign:

2. Pre-order a tee!

3. Share with family and friends on social!


Click the photo!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

My Dream Holiday Dresses: Urban Outfitters

If I had all the money in the world, I would want to wear all these dresses for the holidays!
These, make my Alexinhwood Approved List

Urban Outfitters


Urban Renewal Remade Square Paillette Dress

Ecote Beaded Mini Dress

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Always on Alert: Women and the War on Cat Calling and Harassment

Why do men cat-call out to women?  Do they think there is a reward in it for them?  That we may blush and feel complimented?  Do they think we walk around and wear clothes just for them?  Do they think we care?  What's in it for them?  I have no idea.  I never feel good after being cat called.  NEVER.  I don't feel complimented.  I feel objectified.  I feel like when I'm just being myself walking down the street that suddenly I'm a sexual object to be taken over.  Like my existence is to be gawked at and won.  None of these things make me feel good.

I went to a dive bar to watch football.  I wore a Jersey and shorts and a pair of Toms.  I thought I looked nice but definitely didn't feel like it was at all suggestive.  I know there's beer and booze and drunk men and that certain interactions happen at a bar.  But this was not a typical day.
A few dudes walked by me as I entered the bar:

"Yeah, GO CHARGERS!"  (ok fine, im wearing a jersey, woo)
"Hey Chargers Jersey!" (hi, wassup) 

Later I left the bar, sober and needed to walk 3 blocks to reach my car and this is what happened as a homeless man harrassed me and followed me to my car. 

"Hey there, short shorts 
(he expects me to turn around) 
Damn looking good. Chargers, eh
(I keep walking)
Where you going CHARGERS JERSEY 
(I keep walking, faster)
Oh so you aren't gonna say Thank You? 
(keep walking as he follows me, I sense he is getting angry, am I in danger?)
Where you going?  Come here, pretty thang.
(I walk ever faster and trip.  He laughs) 
You okay honey?  
(I was sober, he continues to laugh and follow me.  I consider running to my car for the last block but decide against it)
You're probably drunk.  You aint gonna say anything? 
He laughs maniacally 
(He just wouldn't stop.  I get into my car and I feel incredibly abused and glad I am in my car with doors locked.  If he thought I was truly inebriated than would he have tried to attack me?)  

Didn't matter who it was, I refused to acknowledge him.  Didn't matter if he was black or white, homeless or not, drunk or sober.  My fear was that if I turned around and engaged him in any way, he would feel accepted and pursue a conversation.  I just wanted to leave and to get into my vehicle.

We never had eye contact.  I never saw him.  I only felt his eyes on me, his voice following me, his steps coming closer.  

I tried to walk faster.  I felt a little scared that my ignoring him would make him angrier or cause him to follow me longer.  But I chose silence.  My skin was crawling.  If I was rude or yelled back, that would probably just encourage him further or I would be called a bitch, which I didn't feel like going through.  Men don't have to worry about these things.  Walking in fear for 3 blocks to their car, being followed and objectified.  Fear of retaliation, fear of being accosted, in every parking lot or public place.  Men walk around freely without that fear.  A million thoughts ran through my head.  I imagined terrible outcomes.  I imagined running.  I imagined getting attacked.  I felt real fear and for good reason.  I imagined calling 911.  I felt unsafe and vulnerable.

All I did was walk to my vehicle.  And I was harassed. It's been two days and I still feel gross about it.  I walk around in Beverly Hills and I never get yelled at.  I like that.  I like being around people but being in my own protected bubble at the same time.  Maybe that's hard to do in metropolitan areas like NYC or places where you take the subway.  Maybe I am just not used to it, but should I be?  Is this something women must endure?  I wanted to share this experience.  I am curious to know how often this happens and if it happens only when you are alone.  Or if it's also when you are with your children, friends or boyfriends.  Why do these men make us feel like we owe them something?
We don't owe you our smiles or Thank Yous. 
 Leave us alone. 
Thursday, October 23, 2014

THE MOST POPULAR GIRLS IN SCHOOL Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Produce Season 4

Everyone join in on the "Brittnay Matthews Revenge Campaign!"  If you are like me and love foul mouthed dolls portraying awful bitchy High School Girls, then you will love this show and their Indiegogo Campaign.  Right now there is a sweet referral contest that allows for one SUPER FAN to win a video from their favorite MPGIS character made just for them!

Perks include T-shirts, Downloads, Stickers, DVD's and much more to come!  You can even contribute to get your name said on the show!

Visit MPGIS INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN to get the schpeal and help to make SEASON 4 happen for all of us, for the world, do a good deed.


Need to catch up and join the craze? Here's the YouTube Channel that started it all!  BYYYEEEEEE!!!!


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"LIFE IN A WALK": Crowdfunding a Documentary Film About a Father and Son Journey


Campaign Video

I find that many people do not know what Crowdfunding is.  Kickstarter.  Indiegogo.  GoFundMe.  I find it hard NOT to know what it is, because everyone seems to be asking for help.  From medical bills to making movies, crowd sourcing funds for a business venture or artistic project is a $70 million a year industry that needs not to go ignored.  Still people say, "Oh you're in crowdfunding? What is that?"

Crowdfunding is a way to raise funds for a project, art piece, business or product by receiving contributions from people all over the world.  With social media and the internet, the world has become a much smaller place and one that loves connection.  What's better than helping to fund someone's dream?

I'd like to tell you a little bit about a campaign I am managing and it's something I really feel you will enjoy.

Client Yogi Roth is funding his documentary which follows him and his dad on a pilgrimage that took them across Portugal and Spain (The Way of Saint James).  After finding out that his dad has prostate cancer, one day it just hit him, that his father, Will, might not be around for that much longer.  Yogi asked his dad to meet him in Spain so they could have that time together to ask all the hard questions and find out who his dad really is.  This film will be sure to reach you personally, as it has with most.  It actually calls you to ask yourself, am I spending enough time with the ones I love?

I definitely have had a deep connection with this story.  I went on a trip to Alaska with my Dad, Sister and Brother-in-law in the summer of 2013.  For seven days in a one street town, we ate and drank and laughed and built an awning for a family business in Hope, Alaska.  This time allowed me to see my father in a new way.  It was also the longest amount of time I had spent with him since I was probably four years old.  I got to hear amazing stories from his life and also learn more about him.  He's a hard worker and a loving dad and I feel like without this experience I wouldn't necessarily know him in the same way.  These kind of opportunities don't usually come along on their own.  We have to choose to spend time with the ones we love and not put that off.  

My dad surprised me out of the blue with this Alaska trip, and looking back, I am so thankful we had that time together.  One of my biggest fears is too lose him.  I am terrified that I don't know him well enough and I can't image him NOT walking me down the aisle at my wedding one day.  Seriously, that would crush me.  My dad and I have had ups and downs but I have made the effort as an adult to make sure we have time together.  He's my first call now when I need help or a kick in the butt.  He'd say, "you know what I always say," and I reply, "yes dad, you always have to have three irons in the fire." "and..." he says? "get your head of out your it, Dad." I know exactly that I need to "nut up or shut up." He means the world to me and I hate it that there are times that I have no idea what he's up to.  I've lived in Los Angeles for over 10 years now and sometimes I feel so far away from my family.  Not just with my father, but i know I need to make time for the people I love.  Like my sister and her baby boy, my nephew, Nolan, who can changed my life completely.  My mother, who with all her spunk, needs a who baby hug here and there.  

Then there's my brother, Grant, who I definitely don't see enough.  I feel as thought I will always fight my whole life to truly get to know him.  At 17, he's not a little baby anymore.  I've missed 10 years and that also crushes me.  I hope he knows how much I love and adore him and I am so proud of the person he has become.  

I want you to take a look at LIFE IN A WALK and also to introduce to you, the world of crowdfunding.  This campaign offers wonderful rewards in which a person can actually purchase an experience that brings people together and also support a film.  Not only that, but I helped design these amazing hoodies and Tees that support the film as well as a super cool Journal for all the writers and doodlers out there.  If you love football, there are some high level perks for you as well.  

Yogi has become a friend and inspiration and someone whom I'd love see succeed in completing this meaningful film.

All I ask is that you join us on this journey and become a part of this film.  donate that $5 or $5000 or whatever you wish to help make this dream come true.  Really, truly, this film's goal is not just to tell a story but to encourage the masses to enjoy the present and to not let your valuable time, pass you by.

Please check out, LIFE IN A WALK!

Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram and for more on the creator, visit,
Friday, September 26, 2014

Hey, how about a smile?

Hey, how about a smile?
I am a generally happy woman.  I am on my phone a lot, scrolling, swiping left, checking Instagram and checking in.  My mind is never silent.  My mind is now a newsfeed, because of all this content.  I am barely able to react to actual people.  I think I am not alone.  Despite my affection for social and widgets and apps, I do enjoy the actual social interaction between my barista and myself as well as other lonely strangers getting their morning coffee.  Everything is going just fine, even after I used my Starbucks apps to buy my Grande Iced Two Pump Vanilla Ice coffee with my daily fake name, Lexi.  (It’s easier than saying Alexandria or Alex which usually become Alice)  I digress.  I am in a wonderful mood, but I am groggy from the night before, just waking up.  I haven’t put too much thought into how others see me yet, as I have managed to dress myself, wear matching shoes, smell nice and have begun the process of putting on makeup.  I am just getting coffee, so I am not 100% just yet.
And then it happens.  As I add a dash of half and half into my Iced Coffee, an older man says to me without any invitation or eye contact, “you need to smile, it’s not that bad.”  Like nails on a chalk board, this comment reaches my spine and with it my skin crawls.  I become internally frustrated at what this man has just done.  I say, “I’m just waking up and I am just fine thank you.” And I walk out.  I think then of all the times I have been TOLD, not asked, to smile.  Why do men feel the need to ask this of women?  Why is it my duty to be of a perfect countenance at every moment of my day?  I could be thinking, or dreaming or doing math equations or mourning a loss.  And why is it, just because I am in public and not in my home, which me, Alexandria, SHOULD PUT ON A SMILE? For whom? For me? For you? For society? To be my prettiest self all of the time?
The man never asked if I was okay.  He never cared.  He only wanted to perfect his vision of what "should be."  It doesn't matter what I was feeling, I should be poised at all times.  His tone sounded of pity, like aww little girl, you’ll be okay, just smile.  And he has no idea that I am just fine.  I was tired.  I was pouring Half and Half.  I thought I could have that moment to myself.  But instead, that moment is now yours, sir?  Do you own my face, my lips, my eyes?  You do not.  You are a stranger with the rudeness of an egocentric two year old who cannot fathom sharing a toy.  My happiness is mine only.  My smiles are mine to share or keep.  Sometimes I may feel like a hot little something, and I walk with my head high through that coffee shop with confidence.  But I wasn't there yet.  And it’s not your job to tell me to be ready, to tell me to smile, to tell me to be my best self, before my day has actually begun.

So Mister Coffee Shop Smile Police Man, have you ever thought about what this type of comment means?  Would ever tell a man to smile?  Why do you feel you can order someone to change their mood, emotion, or face?  Am I supposed to be a model, perfect at every turn?  Is my frown or normal resting face too serious for you?  Am I too plain?  Does the absence of a smile mean that I am sad or angry or hateful?  No.  My thoughts are my own.  I am not a little girl.  I should not feel that my smile belongs to the opposite sex because it makes them happy or happier to know I am content.  My smile belongs to me.  I will beam my pearly whites and half-moon eyes when I do feel like I should.  Without the assumption that it is because I should, because you would feel more comfortable, or because you deserve it.  I am my smile and my smile is me.  You have nothing to do with it.
Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Metaball: A "Gym in a Ball" Fitness System


Metaball Fitness System

The Metaball is finally available for Pre-Order!  Greg Plitt, renowned Fitness guru, spent 4+ years perfecting this "gym-in-a-ball" that can work for anyone with any body type.  It's portable for travel, office or home and can bring you to the best shape of your life.  I have tried this ball.  It's pretty awesome.  It's light enough weight to handle but heavy enough to feel like you are working.  You start with a small weight and can work your way up to heavier weight.  The ball disconnects into two handheld weights to be used for bicep curls, fly's and anything you can do with household weights.  Clicked together, you can use it as a kettle bell and do swings.  Held like a ball, you can work your abs and actually have fun. It's hard plastic that wont break, believe me, even if I threw it across the room.  It's everything you need in one compact spot.  My kind of deal. 

Yes, Greg, is cut and has an amazing body.  I am not saying you will look like him after using it, but you will be on your way to great authentic body movement, losing fat and gaining muscle.

There are some great testimonials that show how it has helped people drop some pounds and tone up.  

I have a problem with High impact or high intensity workouts.  Even though they are effective, it hurts my kneed and leaves me winded.  I prefer to use lighter weights and move around.  This Metaball is so perfect for that.  You can workout in place or use them super actively with his wide range of workouts available.  

I think Metaball can make people excited about working out.  It doesn't seem daunting or like a lot of overwhelming equipment.  You just begin, one day at time and work towards total body fitness.   Check it out! Tell your friends!

I have done the Athletic Cardio Burn and man does that work! This tool isn't just a's an entire fitness system!  Greg has 12 curated workouts just for you and each video shows 3 different levels!  This workout is fun and different.

With the Metaball Kit you get:

Check out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @getmetaball and @metaballfitness

* (Keenly Kristin Contest ends October 3 at 11:59 p.m. EST) 
Photo credit: All photos are from Metaball Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

The 90s Child Mourns Its Jester

Born in ’86 I was that child in lycra shorts and neon with matching Saltwater sandals.  I donned a “Nicki and Alex” style haircut and fashionably walked in kid hair shows.  My first movie was "The Little Mermaid" for which I became utterly obsessed with singing and long flowing hair and of course Mermaids.   Shortly after this whirlwind of a perfect childhood, my world changed, starting with reading “Dinosaur Divorce” in a stale office, a few miles from home.  I kissed my garage door goodbye, literally, and my mom, my sister and I drove away to an apartment complex, where daddy wouldn't live. 

As the first kid to have divorced parents in a close knit private Catholic school in the early 90s, I lost friends and stopped getting invited over for sleepovers.   I lived in the dream world of movies and I remember the day my Father took me to see Aladdin.   That Halloween I begged to be Jasmine even though my dad only wanted me to be a skeleton or witch or something bloody.  Typical.  Then came along “Mrs Doubtfire,” a movie that I took to heart all through my life.

Robin Williams, in character, fought for his kids.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  What do you mean he will do anything to see them?   What do you mean he never gives up?  My father loves me, yes he does, but as a kid I always felt like I was in the way.  Every other weekend at Sears or playing video games or doing household chores.  It wasn't not like "Mrs. Doubtfire" at all.  He cancelled weekends for trips to Cabo and got married again in Vegas and didn't invite his kids.  But Sally Field and those kids, they went through a divorce too, and they were all okay in the end.  Even super hottie, Pierce Brosnan, couldn't stand in the way from a man and his kids.  

It changed me.  I saddened me.  I wanted that so badly.  A dad to fight for ME.  Robin Williams became Peter Pan, too.  He flew, he cooed and he believed in magic.  He stood on a desk and told us to be ourselves, to be accepting.  He entered the afterlife and explored grief, death and loss. He played deeply troubled characters and funny outlandish characters, sometimes infused into one.  Robin Williams had the energy I held as a child, a spastic and silly energy that no one could ever turn off.  I loved him and laughed at his movies and felt happy that there will "crazy" people out there like me to look up to.

The one time I met him, he was kind and smiled softly much like that of the Genie.  

I have felt the darkness of manic depression.  My whole life has been either the highest euphoria or the lowest sadness.  I've done the work to be well, but at times that can get away from a person.  I pray that his soul will be saved, despite the way he left the world.  I pray that he knows, wherever he is, that millions loved and adored him and we wish him well.  

Luckily for me my dad and I have become very close.  It turns out that as adults we relate a lot more and continue to grow in our understanding of each other.  I don't know what I would do without my father, despite the fact he didn't raise me or become a woman in disguise.  He's more than made up for all of that now as a mentor, listener, supporter and best bud.  Love ya dad and miss ya, Robin. 

Me, 1991

Sister, Nephew, Dad and Me, summer 2014

My family calls me, Al or Al Bones or Aly.  It always feels endearing when someone calls me AL.
Just does.
And so I tip my hat to the talents of Robin Williams.  
I say Rest in Peace and I will miss you.

Brb, Sobbing


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